6 important tools i use everyday as a developer


Lets get to know what makes my day as a developer

I am going to show you some of the tools i use everyday as a developer,

Software development involves use of different tools combined to produce a desired and a quality product,

Using these tools simplifies work and makes work easier and faster.

These tools play different roles

These tools are used for :

  • documentation
  • testing
  • writing codes
  • Finding solutions to problems and collaborating with team members thus aids in solving problems breaking up bigger problems to smaller problems that can be solved easily, These are just but some of them.

“You mean you don’t stage the software?” I asked him. “You don’t test it?” “Why should we? Everything we do is live all the time, always new, minute by minute.This is the Web! Code it, post it, run it, change it, run it again.” ― Ellen Ullman, The Bug Ellen Ullman, The Bug

Lets have a look at them

VS Code

used as my editor

The use of an editor is to write and modify code,

There are many code editors one can use but for my choice i use vscode

since navigating through the code is easy and simple,

It also supports a lot of programming languages making productivity easier and faster

2. GitHub

Version control system for managing projects

Different programs have different versions.

Hence git hub provides a good interface for you to host your project remotely for easier retrieval and reviewing

Developers working remotely across the world also collaborate and build up a software by use of git hub,

You don’t necessarily need to send a file so that it may be part of a project but git hub makes work easier through remote collaborations.

3. Postman

Used for testing APIs

Normally we do test whether our APIs work by use of post man, post man contains all the HTTP methods used in manipulating a resource over the internet

4. Stack Overflow

Used to find some of the solutions to some challenging questions and problems

Its normal to get an error when programming,

but do you create some time to find the error and solve it?,

stack overflow makes it easier for developers to find solutions related to their errors,

stack overflow makes it easier to post an error related question and get different reviews from your fellows

5. Zeal

An offline documentation browser for software developers

Zeal helps as it provides ready made documentations for different programming languages,

When learning a programming language you may need to refer to the official documentation

Zeal in this case provides a suitable interface for your leaning.

6. Zoom

Used for remote stand ups and presentations

When working remotely you will be to presenting your daily work,

Zoom works best in this case since the features provided are suitable for remote stand ups helping developers from the different parts of the world communicate to each other efficiently

Sharing in their day to day work without necessarily the need to meet physically

ALL these tools combined makes my day great and wonderful

That’s all on the 6 important tools i use everyday as a developer read

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