7 Exciting Blogging Niches To Write About In Kenya


You’re a creative person. You have something to say, and you want to share it with the world. That’s why you’re thinking about starting a blog.

But what should you write about?

There are so many potential blog topics that it can be tough to decide which one is right for you. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 7 exciting blogging niches to write about in Kenya.

What Is the Kenyan Blogging Industry Like?

Blogging is a huge industry in Kenya, and there are all sorts of niches that you can write about.

This is great news for bloggers because it means that there is room for everyone. Whether you’re a fashion blogger, a food blogger, or a travel blogger, there’s a niche for you in Kenya.

Tips on Setting Up a Successful Blog in Kenya

Kenya is a great place to start a blog. You have an amazing culture and landscape, and there’s a lot to write about. But before you can start writing, you need to set up your blog. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Decide on a niche. It’s important to focus on a specific topic, so you can develop expertise and attract an audience.
  • Choose the right platform. There are many platforms to choose from, but WordPress is a popular option among bloggers in Kenya.
  • Create great content. This is the key to attracting readers and building an audience. Make sure your content is original, relevant and engaging.
  • Promote your blog. Use social media, email marketing and other online tools to promote your blog and build readership.
  • Be patient. It takes time to build a successful blog, so be patient and keep working hard.

7 Exciting Blogging Niches To Write About In Kenya

The Kenyan blogging industry is constantly evolving. This means that you can be creative and experiment with different content ideas. There are no rules, and you can be as innovative as you want to be.

Here are the 7 niches you can write about in Kenya.

1. Blogging About Kenyan Culture and Traditions

There are plenty of exciting stories to write about in the Kenyan culture and traditions – from traditional weddings to blood-brotherhood ceremonies. You can also discuss our local music, art, cuisine, fashion and more. Why not use this opportunity to blog about the Kenyan culture and its traditions?

It may even be interesting to explore some of the Kenyan customs and superstitions that you can find in every village – like why there’s a superstition against eating certain things for breakfast, or why is it that people believe that cows are a sign of wealth. You can also explore different tribes’ unique traditions, like the Masai jumping dance or the Nilotic bull-jumping ceremony.

No matter what you choose, these topics will surely pique reader interest and encourage them to learn more about Kenyan culture.

2. Travel Blogs and Tourism in Kenya

Kenya is one of the most culturally and geographically diverse countries in Africa. From the stunning beaches of Mombasa to the snow-capped peaks of Mt. Kenya and the vast grasslands of the Masai Mara National Reserve, there is so much to explore.

With its wide array of attractions, tourism has become an important industry in Kenya. This means that a blog focused on highlighting different tourist spots and activities could become quite a hit. Plus, you’ll get to share your love for your country and your personal experiences while helping others discover its beauty at the same time!

You could cover topics like food tours, luxury lodges, cultural excursions, hiking adventures, wildlife safaris and more. With every blog post you write, you’ll create a unique kind of content that even travelers experiencing will find incredibly useful.

3. Food and Recipes From Kenya

Are you an expert cook or passionate about traditional Kenyan cuisines? Well, then a blog focusing on Kenyan food and recipes is a great option. Kenya is home to amazing dishes and drinks with unique flavors, from samosas to soups like sukuma wiki.

You can also write about the country’s diverse cultural influences and how they are shaping Kenyan cuisine such as Indian, Italian, Asian and so on . As well as the health benefits of different ingredients used in local dishes. Write informative posts that give people tips and tricks on how to prepare these dishes with ease, add photos of your creations, or even create video content.

Additionally, you can discuss food trends/news in Kenya or do reviews of different restaurants and cafes around the country. Who knows you might even get invited to exclusive food events!

4. Technology Blogs From Kenya

Are you tech-savvy? Then why not become a tech blogger from Kenya? You can share your experiences with computers and the internet, talk about the latest technological breakthroughs, and even provide advice on how to use technology for different purposes.

You can also talk about how new technologies are developing and their use. For example, you can discuss how mobile money apps are changing the way Kenyans transact, or how telemedicine is helping those in remote areas access healthcare services. Or you could provide tips and advice on setting up a computer or buying the right hardware and software for specific tasks.

The possibilities are endless. With technology always evolving, there’s never a shortage of topics to write about . So if this is your niche, then go ahead and start exploring!

5. Personal Development Blogs From Kenya

Personal development is a great niche to get into, especially if you’re looking to start a blog in Kenya. Whether it’s tips on how to be your best self or advice on how to manage money, starting a personal development blog can give you the chance to connect with readers and help them grow as individuals.

The key is to find interesting topics that resonate with your target audience. You could write about accountability, goal setting, time management, productivity hacks and so much more. You could even create content specifically for Kenyan readers that focuses on topics like entrepreneurship and career advancement. Your personal development blog could become a powerful resource for those who are wanting to make changes in their lives but don’t know where to start.

6. Art and Textile Blogs From Kenya

Have you ever thought about starting a blog on art or textiles from Kenya? It’s a great way to share your appreciation for the creativity of Kenyan designers and the stories behind the pieces.

Bloggers in this niche can cover fashion, interior design, illustration, photography, and more. You can highlight Kenyan artisans, as well as local boutiques, galleries, and shopping guides. You could even collaborate with artists on exclusive interviews or product reviews.

Apart from that, there’s an opportunity to share tips on caring for textiles like batik and kangas. Or you could write articles about current trends and upcoming exhibitions in Nairobi and other parts of the country.

This is a versatile niche that offers room to express yourself while adding value to the culture of Kenya all at the same time!

7. Photography Blogs in Kenya

The last niche we’ll talk about is photography blogs in Kenya. If you’re into taking photos and writing about it, then this is the perfect niche for you! There are many photography bloggers in Kenya who write about their travels, events, and different types of photography.

You can write about different types of cameras and their features, photography tips and tricks, as well as how to get the best shots when shooting outdoors or indoors. You can also share some of your photos and stories from trips in different parts of the country.

In addition, there are plenty of opportunities for collaborations with other photographers, companies or organizations that want to promote their work – this allows you to gain more exposure and make some extra cash on the side. You can also research on different techniques or aspects related to photography that your readers might find interesting.

Overall, if you’re passionate about photography then this niche allows you to share your work while making money through monetization strategies such as affiliate marketing and sponsorship’s.


So there you have it! If you’re looking for an exciting new blogging niche to write about, these seven ideas should give you plenty to think about. Remember, the key to success is to focus on niches that interest you and that you have some knowledge or personal experience with. So get creative and have some fun with your writing!

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