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Getting started in tech industry in 2023

Getting started in tech industry in 2023

The use of tech and the tech industry has been growing exponentially over the years,

getting a large and overwhelming number of users as days goes by.

By definition tech is a

  • product
  • service
  • career

Tech as a product?

tech as a product

When we integrate different systems or modules together we come up with a final product called a tech product

These tech products can be used to solve a particular problem or solve a business need

We do use tech products in our day to day activities to run our businesses or even to solve our problems

For example using a mobile phone to easen communication between parties that are far apart.

The use of tech product has  grown during the covid-19 pandemic, i.e

There is the use of virtual meetings through tech products such as zoom.

Tech as a service

tech as a service

In tech as a service it involves the use of different softwares to come up with a comprehensive solution to a problem,

It involves the replacement of manual labor to do a task.

For example in the manufacturing the use of automated vehicles to transport different goods in the different sections in the industry

Tech as a career

tech as a career

Individuals with passion in technology will jump in to the field and take it as a profession,

these are people that will be creating the tech product and the tech services to be used in different businesses to solve different problems.

Tech revolutions

In this article today we are going to see on why you should consider choosing tech as a career

Firstly lets see how tech is evolving

Speaking of the latter days,Communication between different parties was a very big challenge not unless they used the traditional ways of communication,

but through the evolution and advancement in tech communication has been made easier and simplified

Tech has evolved over a number of years , tech did not just come into being in one single day.

It involves different evolutions made in different periods of time over a good number of years.

These revolutions produce a better version of a tech product than the latter.

The use of tech in the different sectors has made it easier work and currently many industry perform their different duties through the use of tech products and the tech services except for the services that require human labor.

The current age is characterized by rapid innovations hence accelerating the technological process replacing the current tech products and services with better ones,

Each of these tech product with its excitements brings an impact to a generation and many people cant imagine living without using tech to run their daily activities,

Many people are gaining access to the internet and the use of tech product finding value in it as compared to the 1990s when they had not discovered its importance in the industry

There is a characteristic evolution of tech by use of advanced digital products to better problem solving hence finding easier ways to solve problems.

The Internet

The use of websites and the internet has become common these days

in that there is great search and hunger for valuable source of information,

The internet has become a valuable source of information connection different people from different parts of the world.

To add more on this there is the use of digital goods, this include the e commerce product where customers can order for their goods and get them at their comfort

How is this achievable?

Advantages of being a techie

Being in tech keeps you in shape and updated with the current tech trends in the world,

It gives you an urge to be an innovator and a better version of your self.

Keeping up with technology is a great advantage as it ads value to your business over your competitors.

Tech courses to take

As a tech enthusiast the following corses are good for your start

Follow the links to read more about each subject

  • Data Science Data Science is the scientific extraction of knowledge from data

  • Software Development – Software Development involves designing and developing different programs for use or to solve a problem

  • UI/UX designer – UI/UX design involves designing user interfaces for software or hardware

  • Ethical hacking – Ethical hacking is a process of detecting vulnerabilities in a system

  • Digital media – Digital media involves all kinds of media works by using tools like Photoshop to create graphic objects

Sites to learn tech

One can opt to take tech as a career in college,

but this doesn’t stop you from becoming one.

There are several sites where you can learn tech, payable or free of charge

Just to mention a few

How to keep yourself with the current tech trends

  • Attend tech events around you

  • Follow up on tech industry leaders and get to listen what they say

  • Follow up on blogs related to technology

  • Engage your self with tech peers and forums

  • Listen to tech related podcasts

  • Subscribe to tech related e Newsletters

  • Join groups and communities related to tech

Thank for making it up-to this point you can also check on the tech skills on demand here