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How to motivate yourself as a developer

Lack of self motivation is a major issue that affect most people

morose when doing a task but seeing no light at the end since there is no progress at all.

Our day to day goals are met when we motivate our self to work for them.

Have you ever made some errors in your work and regretted later?

Have the errors deterred you from moving forward?

Lack of motivation makes a developer to give up on the way since they see no visible result on what they are doing, the threshold of all is we all want to see our self-moving a step ahead.

 I remember attending a boot camp and some senior developers would always motivate me

and that’s the reason I am writing this article,

I did project but all ended up on my local host with no one to review or make a comment,

I almost gave up on programming not until I made an attempt to attend one of the boot camps and meet my other developers from the different locations on one on one coaching.

Apart from assessing yourself and making goals for yourself,

there other external factors you should put into considerations and these are:

1. Always work as a team –

Find some time and team to build up project and share your knowledge to minimize the level of loneliness

They say unity is strength and yes indeed it is strength, relieve yourself from boredom and get to work with your peers sharing knowledge to broaden your skills

2. Attend

any boot camp and ask your senior developers question or clarifications- there in you can find some mentors to help you.

Find time and attend any tech related event to network with your fellows, Learn how different stacks work and how different problems are solved using programming, this will help you gauge your knowledge and capacity.

3. Read blogs

and motivations from your fellow developers

Reading blogs motivate you to work harder finding how different developer take it through and make it through this journey in tech , Finding some encouragements to keep on learning

4. Find

 what other developers say – maybe on you tube talks and shows

Some programmers document their programming journey in video forms, this is important to an upcoming developer who is stuck and stranded, this will give you the motivation to keep on working for the goal.

5. Try

 and find a review of your code or project upon completion to see your progress

Ask for reviews maybe on open source platforms such as git hub and your senior peers they will review your program and tell you to correct where necessary, try and contribute to open source platform such as git hub this helps in broadening your knowledge as you will be sharing with your peers.

6. Try 

and attend some tech talks and get to feel how the world is

Find out what is going on in the world by attending these events, this will keep you in shape with the current state in tech and the current trends.