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Important concepts to master as a developer

Important concepts to master as a developer

Hello, Lets discuss on the most important thing you should familiarize yourself with as a developer,

These might be of great importance to you as a developer as they will help you in solving your problem faster ,

i found these 7 and are of great importance,

there might be other more, please feel free to comment to add more to the list

Below is a list of

Important concepts to master as a developer

NOTE: I wont be explaining in detail but you can do some research based on the topic

Learn about API –

why? to create a good programming interface for your project.

You will learn how different softwares communicate with each other to share resources, Soft wares use third party data in order to display them to the front end user, you find that in most cases most software companies depend on the third party api data so as to solve a business need or a problem hence its very important to learn how apis work as a developer.

Follow this article to read more on API

Learn how the internet works –

why? to help you know how data is processed in the internet.

You must not necessarily learn all the stuffs related to the internet, but as a web developer it is important for you to know on the logic’s of the internet from sharing of resources,creating of resources,reading of resources,updating of resources and deleting of resources over the internet, learn how all these is done and the various methods one can perform on the internet

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Learn about Test Driven developments –

why?to achieve your goal and provide a product that meets the market needs. Follow this article to learn more

This is important as it aids in producing different version of a product that will meet the business needs, everyone want to be a better version of him or herself as so as to software development,we improve day by day and strive t build a better version of a software day by day since human need and business needs change daily,its important to build a software that can meet the business requirements over time with the changes in it

Learn the networking basics –

why?to understand how different computing devices communicate. Follow this article to learn more

You must not necessarily learn all the networking components but its more important to have a grasp on how the different network components transmit data and share the resources remotely

Learn about hosting –

why?to understand how different servers work. Follow this article to learn more

When moving from localhost and now going to production you must find a suitable server to host your software files , Hosting provides you with all these options to store your files safely remotely for easier retrieval and world wide view

Learn about Linux Commands and the use of command line interface –

why? since in most cases you will be using the command interface to install your packages,test,deploy,create etc.. Follow this article to learn more

Commands form part of our daily lives as developers , don’t be scared when you hear the word command just take your time and learn them slowly its more important more so when finding errors to a program

Security –

why? No one would want his sensitive and personal data be exposed to third parties hence security is essential to know as a developer Follow this article to learn more

Learn how to secure your apps and never to expose them to third parties and hackers since they may be a threat to the data in the software