what is the correct path to being a full stack developer?

In our previous tutorial we built a complete Mern Stack application, to let you know that was just but the onset of our full stack application development journey.

Now who is a full stack developer?

A full stack developer is someone who specializes in building both the front end and and back end of a software.

He/she is competent in technologies used in building the front end and back end of a software.

Now having a brief definition of the term full stack lets now jump into the topic

Path to being a full stack web developer

First of all lets begin by understanding what web development is

Over the years web development has been one of the top tech skills in demand

Web development involves developing websites for the world wide web

It involves building applications to work over the internet

A website is a set of related web pages located under a single domain name, typically produced by a single person or organization.


dictionary definition

We are going to divide this section into four parts namely

  • front end
  • back end
  • database
  • Version Control

With some consistency and patience you’ll eventually make it


Lets begin

Front end road map

The front end development involves building user interfaces for users

In other words it means the client side development

It involves building user interfaces that users will be interacting with the application.



HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language used to build the skeleton structure of a website i.e the texts,images,buttons

2. CSS

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets it is used to describe how the html elements are going to be displayed in the web page i.e the color,font size,font type.


These are libraries used to simplify the web development process since they contain ready made and ready to use CSS features.


JavaScript is a programming language used in front end development alongside HTML and CSS to make the web pages more interactive i.e motions,alerts,pop up messages

5. DOM

DOM stand for Document Object Model

The DOM defines a standard for accessing documents and their manipulation i.e changing the style of an html element


Is a JavaScript library that allows the development of user interfaces for websites applications.

Reacts makes the development process easier since the web is divided into independent reusable components hence there is no need to rewrite a component in case it is needed.

Back end road map

The back end developer involves in creating of the software logic.

In a software the logic represents how data is processed

This is the program flow of how data will be processed from the data base to the user in the user interface,

it represents the working of data in a program and how the program components inter coordinate with each other


1. Node

Is an open source JavaScript runtime environment that allows users to run code on server

2. Express

Is a nodeJS framework that makes the writing of nodeJS simpler and easier


This is an interface of organised collections for storing data for easier re-trivial,

The organisation of data in the database comprises of

  • rows
  • columns
  • These rows and columns forms different tables for easier querying and re trivial


1. MongoDb

Is a noSQL database that stores data in form of documents that allows users to create databases,schemas and tables

Version Control

Version Control involves tracking and recording changes in a software

Different programs have different versions hence it is easier to track changes made in them in each version


1. Git and Git hub

Git is software for tracking changes in any set of files and GitHub is a web based code hosting platform for version control and collaboration.

with version control you can easily track and update your files.

additional comments

That’s the path to being a full stack web developer

Additionally you can learn about cloud development and CI/CD pipelines, explore more here

Thanks for making it up to this point success

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