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Reasons as to why I blog

Reasons as to why I blog

Recently I sat down and started having a review what I had been doing over the internet in the past, Frankly speaking i love what i have been doing and it has been an amazing journey indeed

I had to motivate myself to work and do even better than what I had done before, it was a step by step analysis comparison and analysis of how I started writing and what I am able to do today.

it has been quite a journey learning step by step and also growing day by day and having the urge to improve myself on a daily basis.

How did I start blogging?

Well I have no accurate answer as to why I started blogging

Just to remember ,I started myself off with a free WordPress blogging app in my android phone, by this time I wasn’t consistent in what I was doing and had no niche, I dropped it and moved to writing long posts on my Facebook page teaching people some programming basics.

It didn’t take long before I heard of hash node,

Hash node is also a free blogging platform for developers

I got interested in it and moved into it and started writing articles in there

I saw that I was moving steadily and well growing my audience day by day, Later I adapted myself to this culture of blogging and found it more interesting so hash node was my platform for blogging before I later moved into my customized site.

Let’s jump off to today’s’ topic

Here are the Reasons as to why I blog

1. Document my learning process


Learning is a continuous process and a day-to-day activity, each and every day we learn a new thing that keeps us moving, I keep on learning new things every day and documenting the process.

Documentation keeps track of what am learning and record the steps , identifying the problems encountered and the easier steps to solve them.

2. Remind myself of what I wrote

By writing I keep on reminding m self of what I did sometimes back whether it’s a skill or an activity, Human beings are prone to forgetting but when I review an article of what I wrote in my own simplest language I remind myself and find it easy to remember in case I forgot something.

It’s also good to remind yourself and see how far you have come from.

3. Teach others

One of the reasons as to why I blog is that I love sharing knowledge, each and every one has his/her own area of specialization and everyone has his/her own unique way of approaching a subject.

and to help newbies find their way through in the field of tech by guiding them through the necessary steps to follow that will make their journey easier and enjoyable by giving them the best advise possible.

I get to learn from people by sharing my ideas and thus helping me grow day by day.

4. Motivate others

I love seeing people making progress and getting far in their career , I love encouraging them to keep on moving forward and never give up, am not a motivational speaker but I would take whatever the advice I have and give it to someone to continue pushing on.

In my blog I write to encourage people to find their purpose and continue working , enduring in patience.

5. Use my free time wisely

How do you use your free time?

Remember an idle mind is the devils work place.

I use my free time to come up with ideas on what to write so that people can also read what I write during their free time, I start by writing drafts and also writing down the most important points which will later be transferred into articles.

I also use my free time to read what other write to keep myself up to date.

6. Improve my research skills

Before doing any work on the internet doing a research is very key and important.

You know that the globe is going to read your article so you would want your article to have a very unique content , and so here research is very important as it educates you on what has been done and what has not been done.

Doing research also helps me gain some knowledgeable information of which I had no idea of earlier.

Research may be done on the internet, books,magazines,journals and even interviewing people to collect data and fill in the gaps on the questions asked.

7. Keep myself on the trend

Blogging keeps me on the trend with the current happenings in the technological world, Technology is evolving day by day and thus its very important for you as a techie to keep yourself on the trend, You must not necessarily know everything on the current trends but at least have a glimpse of what is happening currently on the tech world.

Benefits of writing over the internet

Keeps you updated

When you blog you keep yourself updated on the current trends, doing more research over the internet exposes you to more knowledge, refreshing your mind with the current trend whether in tech, fashion, politics or any other thing.

Record tracker

It’s easier to keep track of the learning process through blogging

This can be done by documenting your journey and keeping record of each learning process day by day until infinity.

Improve your technical mindset

As a developer you would like to cover technical topics over the internet, this will help you improve your technical mindset and your approach to a problem thus increasing your problem-solving skill.


Many people may think that writing over the internet is as easy as they may think but this is what I have to say

Blogging requires some time, effort and consistency.

To keep yourself on track you have to be patient, doing research and most importantly love your work. That’s it on the Reasons as to why I blog