Tech skills in demand for 2023

Hi our main focus today is on the top skills currently on demand in the tech industry

Most businesses are currently looking for solutions to their problems through tech hence there is great demand in the tech skills on the market.

The rise in the tech products has also led to higher demand on the innovative tech skills in the market

You can learn most of these skills online through the many resources found on the internet.

Lets start by having a mention at them and a brief definition

Feel free to do your own research on each skill mentioned

UI/UX Design

Is one of the Tech skills on demand

This involves building user interfaces for mobile and web applications and even products by using tools such as figma and adobe products.

It is a step by step process of building interactive interfaces that users are going to use as they will be interacting with the application and the product.

Most of the UI/UX designers posses the graphic design skills

Hence many businesses are using graphics to advertise and run their businesses hence need for UI/UX designers

Web Development

This is the development of websites for the world wide web

It comprises of both the front end and the back end

The front end developer implements what the UI/UX developer has designed into code

While the back end deals with the logic and functioning of the website.

Many businesses are opting to using websites due to increased number users in the world wide web

Machine Learning

Machine learning, A new area of the computer science field is the science of getting computers to act without being explicitly being programmed.

The computers are able to learn and improve from experience

These computers learn through the algorithms developed hence are able to derive information from data.

Most businesses are currently using machine learning to predict the state of their business through the data generated.

They developed and trained models that assist in the future predictions of their business data

Mobile Development

Mobile Development is the process of developing mobile apps for mobile devices, such as personal digital assistants, enterprise digital assistants or mobile phones.

Due to increased number of mobile users ios and android there is need for higher invention of the mobile applications

Hence businesses use these applications such as the e-commerce to run their business online

Cyber Security

This is the development of digital systems to protect networks, devices, and data from unauthorized access and digital attacks.

Cyber security is very key component in the tech industry since no one would wish his or her data to be exposed to a third party.

Hence the need for a cyber security specialist.


IOT stands for internet of things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an inter-connection between devices and software and other technologies for the purpose of exchanging data over the internet  working without human intervention,

To make work easier businesses use the iot technology to run their day to day activities to improve their efficiency and production

The Internet of Things has transformed industries from manufacturing to transportation

You can Imagine a world where every physical objects are able to send and receive data over the Internet.

Database Administration

Database administration refers to all the activities performed on a database by a database administrator.

These activities may include : planning, designing,monitoring,troubleshooting,securing.

Without data no transaction can take place in a business hence there is need for a database and a database administrator to aid in the database transactions and activities.

Data Engineering

This involves collecting,storing and analyzing data for use

By employing this tactic business are able to compare data from different sources hence find it easier to fill the business gap from their competitors

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is an on-demand computer infrastructure.

It refers to delivering of computing services such as servers, storage, software and networking via the internet.

Users store their data and files in a centralized system then share it with other users on the internet.

Processing data over the internet is faster,reliable and easier since each data has a unique label hence easier re trivial for use by businesses.

That’s it for today on tech skills in demand for 2023 you can proceed to read other older posts.

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