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Reasons why you should consider having a blog for your business

Reasons why you should consider having a blog for your business


In our post today we are featuring on the reasons as to why your business should consider having a blog.

Blogging is a great way to advertise your business to the world. It’s an inexpensive way for a business to promote business ideas,products and services.

Blogs are popular search terms on the internet and it’s a great way to show-off your expertise in your market.

Having a blog is more than just having a website. Blogs are a way to generate traffic and build your online presence.

What is a blog?

In my previous post here I highlighted some of the reasons as to why I blog and probably you got curious of knowing the business success of having blogs and blogging, lets get to it now.

A blog is a type of website having entries, writings,graphics or articles called posts. These posts are typically written chronologically in an order and cover various topics of interest with frequent updates.

There are various types of blog depending on the niche that one chooses to write or talk about these include:

  1. sports
  2. technology
  3. science
  4. religion
  5. fashion
  6. health
  7. industries
  8. personal lifestyles.

A blog is available to the public mostly through the world wide web.

what is blogging?

Blogging is the act of writing blogs.

Having seen what a blog is, Now the process of frequently updating your blog with new content on a timely basis is called blogging, Once you start a blog you wont leave it idle you’ll make sure you update your audience with new rich content every time at your own scheduled time.

one of the mistakes one does when he/she starts a blog is to blog about nothing

So you have to write about something that people are having interest in.

Blogging is one of the best ways to share your thoughts to the world through the world wide web.

You can share your ideas,tips,advises and experience to the world.

Blogging is one of the most common way through which one can express his/her opinion on various topics and share their thoughts on those topics with the world.

The different sections in a blog post may include writing,pictures,links to other blogs and web pages,graphs and other media contents.

The number of blogs worldwide is estimated at more than 400 million The number of blogs has grown from 5.2 million in 2003 to a staggering 1.9 billion in 2022

This growth can be attributed to the rise of social media and the Internet, which have made it easier for people to publish their thoughts and opinions on the internet

Now having done the introduction lets jump to our main topic today on the reasons as to why you should consider having a blog for your business website

Reasons why you should consider having a blog for your business

Improves web traffic with organic SEO strategy

In today’s world, having a blog is very key to the success for any business since it is one of the SEO strategies used to increase website traffic

So the first step of having a blog is to have a website

If you have one, then you can think of creating your own unique blog or use one of the many blogging platforms such as blogger

After that, you need to think of the niche that you will major on and the content that you want to post on your blog and how often you will update your audience

The search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s unpaid results—often referred to as “natural,” “organic,” or “earned” results.

Having a blog is good for SEO optimization strategy because it help in keeping your website in Google’s search results for longer periods of time

Hence when people search for information according to your niche they will be able to be fed with the rich content

It also provides good ready made content for social media posts that helps with brand awareness through increased web traffic and better customer engagement rates.

Reach your audience with rich information

It is important to have a blog because it  provides your target audience with rich information about your brand

Having a blog help you create engaging content hence build trust with your audience thus drive traffic to your website

Having a blog will help you reach out to more people

more so those having interest in what you write about hence you can use it for marketing purpose or it can serve as an educational tool for your users

Reaching out to your audience with rich content helps to attract potential customers in the industry where there is tight competition

It will also increase the trust and credibility between you and your audience since you will be providing them with rich source of information they may not find elsewhere

It is also one of the ways to communicate to your customers on the internet and build a good relationship with them

Best source of information for researchers

As we have already highlighted that having a blog is one of the unique ways to share your thought with the world though creating of unique contents and sharing them with the world easily

Hence a blog acts a rich source of information for researchers doing research pertaining your niche linking to your brand

Researchers will land in your blog and read about a certain topic in an industry lets say its the textile industry and the researcher is doing some research about a product in the textile industry, apart from getting some rich information from your blog he/she will be curious to know more about your brand(website).

Blogs are rich source information pertaining the current trends in the world hence you will keep updating your audience with rich information pertaining the current trends

One way to drive traffic to website

Blogs are an excellent way to generate traffic and revenue for a business

One of the reason as to why you should consider having a blog is that  it improves web traffic with organic SEO strategy

now whats the essence of this traffic?

Driving traffic to your website is an effective way of attracting new customers to your website

For example, if you own a restaurant,and you decide to write blog posts about recipes, restaurant reviews and other foodie topics this will attract the attention of potential customers

High traffic increases rank In google search

Google is a search engine that provides a way to find information on the internet that

The google search engine crawls the web and indexes pages by using information to rank pages

Rich content in a blog attracts good traffic

Having high number of visitors is a one of the factors that google uses to rank your website

The higher the number of visitors to a site, the more Google trusts that site hence higher ranking in search results


Probably you might have been interested in having a blog after our discussion today

So, Before starting a blog, you should have a clear road-map of what you want to achieve with it. Here are some factors to consider before starting your blog:

  •  What will your blog(niche) focus on?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What will be the content of your blog?
  • How often do you want to publish posts on your blog?

Thank you for reading this far!