learn these before learning react

Must have skills before learning react

Hi Hope you are well today, Today we are featuring one of the most popular and most used front end library.

In our article here we built a MERN stack application and react was one of the libraries used

and probably you got some interest in learning the language to boost your web development skills.

Laying the foundation when doing something is more important as it will make the journey easier and enjoyable

what is react?

Is a JavaScript library that allows the development of user interfaces for websites applications

why react is used

Just to mention a few

  • It is easy to use and learn
  • it is much efficient and faster
  • it has reusable components hence no need to rewrite codes
  • has greater community for support
  • easy to debug code

Now these are the things you should consider learning before jumping into react


HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language used to build the skeleton structure of a website i.e the texts,images,buttons

In HTML consider knowing

  • how the div tag is used
  • how tags are written in html
  • working with forms and the tables

2. CSS

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets it is used to describe how the html elements are going to be displayed in the web page i.e the color,font size,font type.

consider knowing

  • Flex box
  • selectors
  • grid layout
  • positioning
  • media queries for responsive design.


JavaScript is a programming language used in front end development alongside HTML and CSS to make the web pages more interactive i.e motions,alerts,pop up messages

In JavaScript consider learning

  • Functions
  • DOM and DOM manipulation
  • Conditional and logic operators
  • Variables
  • Objects
  • Operators
  • Promises
  • Datatypes

and other Programming concepts

4. ES6

ES6 is a JavaScript version that allows you write a code in a more clean and lesser way

In ES6 you should consider knowing

  • Classes
  • Arrow functions
  • Ternary operators
  • Import,Export modules
  • Array methods
  • Object and array destruction

Learn more about ES6 here

Thanks for making it up to this point you can do more research on the topics highlighted

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